Yoga for Leg Strength | Day 8 Fit Holiday Prep Challenge

Our second rest day of the challenge – but we aren’t completely giving up on our routine – we are sticking with it by filling in those spaces with YOGA!

Scroll down for tips on each pose!

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For our yoga flow today we are staying in each pose for a minute. This will be challenging, but it will also be good for your legs and concentration! Not only do we need strong muscles, we need endurance in those muscles. Holding yoga poses will increase your muscle endurance.

Here are some good tips on each of the poses:

  • Mountain Pose: Actively reach through the hands and lengthen through the head.
  • Swan Dive: This is the transition into forward fold, but you can hold it. 🙂 Slightly bend the knees.
  • Forward Fold: Bend the knees a little and let the head dangle.
  • High Plank: You can stay high in this or allow your knees to come to the ground – whatever feels best.
  • Child’s Pose: Spread the knees wider apart for a bigger hip opener.
  • Downward Facing Dog: Pedal the feet while in the pose to open up the back of the legs.
  • Warrior I: Back foot should be at 45 degrees and completely on the ground. Front foot is pointing forward.
  • Warrior II: Move back foot parallel to back of mat and widen stance. Keep shoulders down away from ears.

Do We Really Need to Rest?

I say yes. There are some programs or organizations out there that say you don’t need to rest. Ultimately you need to do what is best for your body. I know my body (and many other female bodies) recover well with 2-3 days of workouts followed by a rest day.

This allows your body to repair it’s muscles and for your joints to relax a day. The workouts we are doing in this challenge could technically be done everyday because they are low impact bodyweight workouts, but still – we need to change it up and give our bodies a break. That’s why I love yoga.

Yoga relaxes your body and mind and really puts you in a good place. That’s part of the reason I’m currently putting together a 28 Day yoga and relaxation program – to help people who are struggling to relax.

And really relaxing doesn’t need to be done in hours – it can begin with just a couple minutes a day. That’s what I’m teaching you here and what I hope you hold on to – yoga will calm your mind. Exercise will calm your mind but yoga does it on a greater scale.

Rest days aren’t only for your body – they are so your mind doesn’t need to think about strenuous exercise – it can just relax. So yes, take your rest days!

How many rest days do you usually take per week? I take 2-3…some times 4 if it’s a busy week!

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