Workout Essentials

EssentialThis is a list of the workout essentials. If you workout at home, you don’t need a whole room full of gear just to get in a workout! And if you work out at the gym, well…you have the gym! But you will still need some things.

Below is a list with links to just the essential workout gear. You don’t need every single one of these things, and we give alternates to most in the blog, but its always nice to go pro and get an upgrade every once in a while. The list is here when you need it.

If you hop back over to the blog, you will find articles written on each of these items to give an more in-depth look at what each piece of gear can do for you.

If you have any questions or think something is missing, please let us know!






  1. Dumbbells – Build muscles by doing routines that use dumbbells in each exercise or by adding them into exercises for a more challenging workout. Either way, these things are necessary. Check out our detailed post heredumbbell essentials, dumbbell, strength workout, workout, exercise, The Noble Big Sister










2.  Kettlebells – These can really bump your workouts to the next level! There are entire routines and followings around    kettlebells. A kettlebell swing is one of the best cardio exercises out there. Yes, Cardio. See our detailed kettlebell post here.

kettlebell, workout, fitness, free workouts, the noble big sister

3.  Yoga Mat – Even if you don’t do yoga (which I don’t know why you haven’t tried it yet :)!), it is great to have a yoga man on hand. You will need a place to stretch or maybe do ab exercises. More than that, your yoga mat is a place to come for relaxation and stress relief – doesn’t that sound like a nice piece of gear to have?

Yoga Mat Essential, workout, yoga, relax, stress relief, the noble big sister


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