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What Gets You Pumped?

Sometime last week my husband posed the question, “So, what gets you pumped?” He was meaning to ask how do I get motivated for a workout. And he was so serious-faced about this question, I had to giggle to myself a little. Maybe because as husband and wife we don’t tend to ask such interview-ish questions.

“Excuse me, wife, please elaborate on what gets you pumped.”

“Certainly, husband. It goes back to 1992…”

???? No no no, that doesn’t happen! It’s more likely we end up just noticing things about each other, without realizing we know the answers to those questions already.

My husband asked this because he has a hard time getting excited for the gym sometimes. It takes a lot more for him to get in there than it does for me. This might go back to when he first started lifting – he always used a pre-workout supplement.

If you know anything about pre-workout, it isn’t the best thing for your body but a lot of people use it to increase their energy, performance and endurance in the gym. Taking pre-workout is like drinking a ton of caffeine (or so I’ve heard because I’ve never actually taken it).

For my husband, since he took pre-workout for many years, and especially while he was setting his weight lifting life baseline, he has found it hard to get the same kind of “pumped” that that stimulant gave him. He no longer takes it because it’s not good for the heart, etc, but he did enjoy using it.For me, on the other hand, I’ve only ever had my own motivation keeping me going back to my workouts.

So when he asked me this straight forward question, I really couldn’t stop thinking about it and I’ve come up with these 3 things that do get me pumped for a workout.

I Wear Workout Clothes I Look Great In

Feeling like I look like $1MILLION is essential when I’m in the gym. I spend a lot of time crafting this body – so I want to be able to see the curves of it when I’m in there.

I do not like big baggy shirts or loose fitting pants because I can’t see the progress as much. I mostly wear tank tops and workout leggings so I can see upper body and lower body definition. When you’re building muscle, being able to see it while exercising is necessary.

And that’s the difference -> I <- want to see it. I’m not concerned about anyone else. Of course, I don’t want to look like a bag lady, but I wear the clothes for me. I’m the one getting pumped for this workout, after all.

If I feel uncomfortable in a certain piece of clothing, I won’t wear it. Any clothes that restrict movement or keeps riding up my butt, I end up tossing. That’s why I don’t wear lots of workout shorts – I can never find any that don’t end up looking like a pair of wedged up undies -.- So I stick with pants. 🙂

My clothing recipe is not one-size-fits-all. If you feel like you look best in a baggy sweatshirt and some leggings (first I’m jealous because I tried that and it doesn’t work for me), wear that! If you aren’t at a point where you want to venture into leggings, wear what makes you feel good.

There is no rule – it’s all up to you, but looking good while working out really helps get you pumped!

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I Listen to Music That Makes Me Feel Either Sexy or Hardcore

Oh the music playlist.  I’ve taken recommendations from several places as to what music is best to workout to and I always come back to making my own – of the songs I love. Most of the playlists out there are based on tempo so they are filled with super fast, techno music and that stuff drives me crazy!! I do have technoish songs on my playlist but it’s not the entire list.

I like having a mix of tempos and moods on my playlist so that I can fast forward to a song that fits my current mood. I have a lot of Britney and Rihanna, but I also have songs that make my heart warm, like this and this 🙂

One of my favorite songs of all time is RuPaul’s Glamazon. Everytime I listen to that song I get pumped! I guess it makes me feel sassy haha. I also love the feeling that hard/metal rock gives when I’m in the gym. And even though this song is completely full of itself, it is a perfect gym pump song (warning it has a ton of cuss words…a ton).

The point is that NO ONE KNOWS what I’m listening too. I look just like regular ol’ me on the outside, but I’ve got awesome music playing on my headphones and feel like a boss on the inside 😉

I Build Powerful Workouts

The workouts I make for myself make me feel amazing! I feel stronger and more powerful – and what chick doesn’t want that? I know the workouts I do will get me not only a healthy body, but the aesthetics that I want. Knowing this and having seen it work, that is motivation enough at times.

I also know that if I go into the gym not wanting to be there, by doing one of these powerful workouts I get motivated to be there for the rest of the workout.

Some days it’s hard just existing but I am always more proud of myself for not giving in to a down day and just staying home. This is one reason why I don’t really understand any aversion to weight lifting – it alone keeps me motivated to get out of bed some days.

Knowing I get to go and lift heavy things and feel more powerful there than in many other parts of my life…that is thrilling.

I don’t bother with workouts that won’t challenge me in some way. I don’t have to be sweating all over, but I do have to be challenged. If there is no challenge, there is no growth (in mind or body). It gets me pumped just knowing I get to have these feelings most every time I’m in the gym (or doing a great workout at home).

If you’re struggling with motivation for working out, you’ve got to either find some of the things that get you PUMPED or rethink your reasoning for working out. If any part of it is to please other people, it’s less likely you’ll stick with it or get pumped.

But if you do it all for you and congratulate yourself at every small win, you will end up with the kind of  motivation that turns into consistency…it will be easier for you at that point in time.

We all have it in us to be more powerful than we think we are – we just have to be willing to tap into that.

What are some of the things that get you pumped for working out? Let me know in the comments!

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