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New STRONGER Me Challenge | Begins Jan 1st

Hey!! I’m doing another challenge to start the new year off with a bang[in body] 😉

We’re going to keep the happiness and excitement we got during the holidays and carry that on over into 2018. You’re going to be stronger, fitter and happier in 2018.

If you’re ready to sign up just follow this link to get on the list: New STRONGER Me Challenge

These workouts will be mailed to you daily and not only will you be getting workouts this time, but you’ll also get the following each day:

  • nutrition guidance
  • “take action” practices
  • mindset shifts

These emails will be short and to the point but will help you learn more about how to take better care of your body, how to lose weight faster, and how to keep the weight off. By the end of this challenge you will have the tools (and 31 workouts!) to get you to your fitness and weight loss goals.

I don’t like to always focus on weight loss, but I understand that after the holidays we all have a little to lose (yes, even me!!!) and this challenge is going to burn fat like crazy!

These workouts will be intense, quick and low impact. All my favorites 😉

This will give you access to me for all your personal fitness questions and we’ll be doing a challenge together. Yep – I’m going to be doing this challenge right along with you and posting daily on my IG to keep you going!

And you can get in on all of this for only $7 – click through to sign up now

Once you sign up and confirm, an invoice for the $7 will be sent to you within 24 hours. Easy, peasy.

Most of the time challenges like this are $30+ but I wanted to do this for a lot less, so most anyone would be able to join – because January is going to be a great month!

I hope to see you in there!


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Sign up to join this challenge that starts Jan 1st! Once you sign up, you will receive an invoice for $7 within 24 hours from Paypal.

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