My Current Routine

This has really turned into a monthly journal for me, telling you about my goals, small wins, upcoming workout plans etc. I’m really enjoying sharing what I’ve accomplished and learned and showing you how much yoga and weightlifting really fit together.

And how it’s still possible to love yoga and not be part of the chanting, bone broth club. Not that it’s bad, but it’s not me and I’m sure it’s not a lot of you 🙂

Check out what routines I’ve done in the past, am currently doing and go check out my Instagram and Facebook pages to see how I’m liking them and the results I’m getting getting.

January 1 – January 31

So the past few months since moving to Vietnam I have still be exercising regularly, but I guess due to the diet change and not having my regular foods available here, I have been losing muscle. Also…I’ve been trying a lot of the local snacks so my eating is mostly good but I’ve been eating more crap than I normally would haha! My goal this month is to put back on some of that muscle! I’ve lost a little bit of strength but I’ll be getting that back too.

I’m doing the New STRONGER Me Challenge right along side some of you and those workouts are so good! I took my own before and after photos so I’m looking forward to seeing what changes over the next 31 days.

December 1 – December 31

This month I’m going to focus on those bodyweight movements and also in adding a little more cardio to my life. The air quality here is so bad and I want to keep my lungs strong and heart healthy so I’m going to spend more time on the treadmill – probably just doing lots of incline walking but I want to stay strong.

I’m also really missing my kettlebells! I think I packed on in out household shipment but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m hoping I did pack at least one, even if it is a tiny one 🙂

As far as lifting, I’m honestly at one of those points that happens like once a year where…meh…I could do without it. Yes, it even happens to me. I see all my friends getting nice and strong and I’m super proud of them and wish I could muster up the motivation to seriously get at it, but I don’t have it right now. Its just a cycle, thanks goodness I know that, or else I’d be really bummed.

Focusing on the technical bodyweight stuff and on putting out more “how to” content on all my social media pages is helping me still do something fitness-y tho! Maybe in January I’ll tell you all about how excited I am to lift again!

November 1 – November 30

In October I felt like I was doing a ton of workouts here in Vietnam but I have definitely lost a lot of my strength due to just…being unmotivated I guess. I’m more interested in going and walking around and exploring (and I got a Vietnamese tutor!) and the heat here…I gotta get used to that! I will go walk around outside for an hour, sweat to death, and be completely exhausted for the rest of the day. I’m talking, taking naps – and I’m not a nap person!

I really am just trying to stay on with doing 2 leg days and 1 chest day and 1 back day per week and trying not to put too much thought into it.

Recently I’ve been getting the itch to do more fluid/bodyweight strength type movements so I’ve been doing some research on that and doing a little bit of work on some things daily. For example, being able to just press my whole body up on my hands, with my legs off the ground and out in front of me. That is super hard! But yes, I’m starting to do those.

October 1 – October 31

This is a busy month for me! We are moving from the US to Vietnam for my husband’s work and I’m trying to stay consistent with my workouts but a lot of my workouts have to do with packing the house 🙂 Though I would like to stay up on the heavy lifting, I really don’t have much time to spend on all that right now.

*update – we moved into our temporary place and it’s a long stay hotel type thing. For now I’m using the hotel gym which is sparse. I forgot to pack my exercise bands in my bag and I am really missing those. And kettlebells. I have visited a few different gyms here and kettlebells don’t seem to be a thing here. I’m so sad about that!!!

September 1 – September 30

This month I’m staying steady on heavy lifting. The heavier I lift and the stronger I get, the more resilient I stay when it comes to travel and not getting to do my regular workouts. So I’m opting for that. We are going to be moving in October so I need to being up as much as I can to prepare.

I paid for a month of group fitness classes at my gym so I’ll be doing weekly spin, barre and Rebound Fitness classes. Since I do yoga on my own, I’m not sure if I’ll actually go to any classes for it, but maybe. It’s probably good because I don’t do a lot of cardio other than lifting weights faster 🙂

August 1 – August 31

August FLEW by. Actually, this entire summer has flown by. This month I spent a lot of time in Missouri (where I grew up) swimming and lugging things around. I did some normal weighted workouts and runs in the beginning of the month, but was so active for the next two weeks I didn’t actually end up doing any workouts. For the last week of August I was back home and back in the gym and focusing on lifting heavy!

July 1 – July 31

June FLEW BY! I am down some muscle mass and I’ve stopped doing the hypertrophy training I was doing earlier this year so my body has gone back to it’s happy, easily maintainable size. I’m only half annoyed by this because I want the majority of my year (in regards to workouts) to focus on gradually going up in strength, with the time I allow myself in the gym. Giant muscles, which I love, require lots of time in the gym and I don’t want to spend my life in there.

Besides, I’m sure you all want to see a body that is actually possible on me, not one where I say “hey, you can have this body, just spend 20 hours a week in the gym”. No. Not about to do that to you. I can be happy with just about 8 hours in the gym a week. That seems like a small amount, right?

What I’m try to focus on currently is 4 lifting days (2 leg, 2 upper body) and 1 cardio day (when I do the spin class). Commuting time and all, I want to dedicate no more than 8 hours a week. I’ve been trying to do that for the past week and it’s been going well 🙂 I’ve also added in 10 mins of sauna time after each workout and it has been amazing! I’m currently trying to see how it affects me over time, but I really enjoy just chilling in there sweating for now.

June 1 – June 30

The month of June will pretty much be a month of “let’s see if I can maintain anything” 😉 We have a lot of traveling this month – visiting family, going on our own little vacations, and though I know what it takes to keep my body healthy and happy, without my regular gym it will be hard to maintain all this muscle mass. But that happens!

I will be focusing a lot on getting to the gym when I can and getting in lots of walking while traveling.

May 1 – May 31

This month I will be focusing on more cardio (because my cardio program is coming out soon so I need to test all these routines!) and seeing how it affects my weight lifting routine. I’m still focusing on hypertrophy, but it’s going up to 5 days a week for a little bit. I will see if I can do that. We have a lot of traveling coming up in the second half of the month.

After getting through finals at the tail end of April, it is very likely that if you are doing hypertrophy training, when you take several days off you will feel like a deflated balloon! That’s what happened to me. I didn’t realize I only did 2 lifting workouts one week because I was so busy and I thought all my muscles had disappeared lol. A very strange feeling – didn’t like that.

I’m also going to be focusing on making more YT videos…I guess I’ll be burning lots of calories this month between strength workouts, cardio testing, YT vids, spin and walking the dog. I hope I don’t lose all my gains!! 😉

April 1 – April 30

I’m still going strong on my  hypertrophy training. I’m about 8 or 9 weeks in and loving the results! My strength isn’t growing in leaps and bounds, but that’s not the point of this training – it’s to look like you lift. And that’s what I wanted.

I have always felt super strong on the inside and I’ve always been proud of all that I’ve accomplished in my training, but that wasn’t quite enough. I wanted my body to match how I felt on the inside and I feel like it finally does. And my butt is better than it ever has been. That’s one of the best parts 😉

I’ve made it to 9 pull ups!! Almost to 10, but I keep forgetting to test my pull ups BEFORE workouts and then I end up doing them after, when I’m exhausted. So maybe I can do ten, but for now, just 9. I’ll take it tho!

For my cardio I’ve been slacking on the 10 minutes 3x a week. It happens maybe 2x per week, but then I am doing an hour long spin class every Friday, so I feel like that’s ok.

Overall, I’m super proud of all that I’ve accomplished over the past couple months and looking forward to the next ones!

March 1 – March 31

I’m trying something a little bit different in March. I’ve been researching more about hypertrophy training and will be adding some more of that into my workouts. This is going to help me get bigger legs and keep my strength gains too. I’ve also added in ab exercises a few times a week, just 1-2 at the end of my workouts so I can build up more core strength. I feel like it would be cool to hold myself upside down unassisted one of these days and I figure some more core strength could help 🙂

Last month I was able to get 8 pull ups in a row (go me!!!) and I started a little bit of a different pull up regimen and it has helped a lot, not only with strength but in confidence that I CAN do more. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

I usually add in 10 minutes of cardio interval before all of my workouts, but I’m going to do something different this month and try only doing cardio 3x a week, plus my spinning class. This way I can still keep my endurance up, but also retain my muscle mass.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this month turns out!

February 1 – February 28

After finishing up the 31 Days of Workouts for January, I am exhausted! It was a lot to make sure I posted all those things daily for you guys, but it was worth it because so many of you are enjoying them! Strength workouts are some of the most rewarding workouts and they cane be super simple.

For February, I am still focusing on strength and trying to build up my leg size a little bit. I have always felt like my upper body has no issues, but my butt and legs are the laggers – GET WITH THE PROGRAM, LEGS! It’s not that they aren’t strong – they just don’t look it – and I want a little more bigness, ya know? 🙂

I’m also still working on increasing my pull up numbers! Up to 6 so far!

I tried spinning a little in January and continued throughout February and I am really enjoying the challenge. I feel like I might die every time I do it, but some days we just need that!

January 1 – January 31 2017

We are doing the 31 Days of Workouts together – come join me! I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look at my current training plan for all of January. You will get my exact workouts for 31 days.

This means, if I take breaks, you take breaks. If I lift heavy, you lift heavy (or as heavy as you can!). If I run – you run!

We are doing these workouts together each day! Here’s a link to Workout 1 so you can start following along. The workouts are delayed 2-3 days in real time so I can be sure to get them done and posted for you a little in advance.

Aside from sharing my workouts with you, this month I’m still focusing on getting my deadlift, bench and squat up. I can now deadlift 155, squat 140, and bench 85. I need to reach 500 pounds total, so I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting there.

And being that January is the month to start new habits, I’ve decided to try and see what this handstand thing is all about. I have a slight fear of having my legs over my head – my body doesn’t seem to like it much – so I need to get over that. But I figure now is the time to work on that because my shoulders are in great shape now and they won’t be forever.

I’m also still working on my pulls ups. I’d like to have the ability to do 10 in a row before years’ end. I think I can do it!

December 1 – December 30

Wow, it’s amazing how much I have improved over just the past two months. I am now up to 4 overhand pull-ups! I think my underhand has gone down because I haven’t been working biceps that much, but since I noticed that, I decided to work on that and get them back up there. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ve seen that crazy picture of my back muscles…I was seriously amazed when my husband took that photo. Seriously.

So for this month, my weekly workout schedule pretty much goes like this:

  • 3 strength days
  • 1 day of yoga only
  • 1 day of LIIT (Low Impact High Intensity)
  • 2 rest days

Sometimes I’m only getting in 2 strength days, but I need to maintain three, because I set a goal to be able to bench, deadlift & squat my body weight. As of today (December 7) I can deadlift and squat that, but I’m still working on bench and it will take a while to build up to that. Who knows if I’ll ever get there!

But also, there’s a 500lb Club board at my gym so I decided to go ahead and get on that too. That requires a cumulative total of 500lbs in bench, squat and deadlift. And with my current 135 squat, 130 deadlift and 85lb bench (hehe so tiny!), I’m 150lbs away from that goal.

I couldn’t imagine squatting my own body weight so we will see what happens getting up to the 200lbs in that category.

As far as a program I follow, I make up my own program. I know the areas I need to work on, so I develop those. I do have days where I focus more on specific body parts (like legs, or back or chest) but I like to do an overall full body workout.

I usually start my workouts off with 10-12 minutes of stair stepper, treadmill or rowing machine interval sprints.

Outside of the workouts, I walk my dog everyday (trying for 2x per day but I haven’t been super consistent with that lately!) and I’ve been developing my Stretch & De-Stress Program. It’s a 28 day yoga program I hope to have out to you guys soon! So I’ve been doing lots of yoga on the side!

November 1-November 30

November is going to be full of strength workouts, but also lots of holiday prep! This month we are going to be doing a Fit Holiday Prep Challenge where I give you 12 days of low impact workouts – all 15 minutes or less. If these sound like workouts you’d like to try, check out my first post here – all the workouts will be on the site FOREVER! 🙂

Oh! I also am about to do 2 (almost 3!!!) overhand pull-ups now!! I worked my butt off all of October and now I can do some overhand pulls ups! I am super proud of myself because it has been a long time coming and I really wanted those!

Along with the Fit Holiday Prep challenge I am working on developing a de-stressing, deep breathing, yoga program for you guys. It will be a month-long program full of ways you can physically take actions to calm yourself and de-stress. My goal is to get you to where you are spending 10 mins a day on yourself – focusing on yourself. So be on the look out for that!

I’m not too sure what I’ll be doing for workouts in December yet, but I like to do a lot of hiking in the winter and my husband and I have been spending lots of time at the gym on the weekends lately so maybe more of that 🙂

October 1 – October 31

For most of October I am going to be focusing on just strength building. For the month of September I did my Fall Into Strength challenge and it is a combination of strength/fat loss. I want to try and build up more strength in my legs and finally achieve a dead hang, overhand pull up.

I am up to 5 underhand pull-ups (yay!!!!!) but I can’t seem to even get a third of an overhand pull up. I WILL GET THERE THOUGH!

I will be posting some of my workouts and progress on the blog and on my Facebook & Instagram accounts, so be sure to come follow me and get some great workout tips!

Sept 1 – Sept 30

For all of September I will be doing my Fall Into Strength challenge. We are only a couple days in (Sept 3), so you can still join! Some of the workouts will be intense, but some will be regular strength training workouts. You are going to be challenged, but you will be happy at the end of the month when you see the results. 🙂

**Update – loved doing this challenge and all the ladies who joined me! It is currently over, but click through and join the list and when the next challenge comes up you will be the first to get notified!

Aug 1 – Aug 31

For all of August I will be doing Jill Coleman’s #20x20Challenge with my friend Erika. We are going to whoops this intense challenge together! All of the workouts are only 20 mins, but they are intense, heavyweight workouts.

**Update – this workout challenge was amazing!! Had some great results and had some much fun doing it with a friend!

July 1 – July 31

I am still getting great results from the #treadLIFT program by Jill Coleman so I’m still doing that, but I’m not as strict about completing 4 days a week as I was the past two months. I’m trying to add in more running and I just started my YouTube channel, so I am making and filming a lot of workouts (which leaves a person tired – who would have known!)

I am a little behind in my 500 Miles in 101 Days, but I’m working to catch up! Need to get that free t-shirt! 🙂

June 1 – June 30

Wow, May went by in a flash! I am still doing the #treadLIFT workout by Jill Coleman, as well as getting in my 500 miles. I’m developing some new programs for you guys so I’ve been practicing those workouts so be sure they are good to go.

I love making my own workout plans, but when I know I have a lot to focus on, it is great to have someone else’s plan in my pocket so I can challenge myself and not put too much thought into it!

May 1 – May 31

For this month and possibly longer (yikes, I know me doing something longer than a month?!) I will be doing Jill Coleman’s #treadLIFT workouts. I did purchase this workout, so it’s not free, but I’ve been waiting for it to come out ever since Jill announced it a few weeks ago.

This training plan consists of 30 min workouts that use treadmill intervals and weights. I am only in the first week and I haven’t been this sore from a workout in a while. I absolutely love it! I know this routine is going to challenge me and I cannot wait to see the changes in my body after even the first month – know it’s going to be that good! Plus I hope to get a lot faster!

*Update – I’ll also be starting the 500 Miles in 101 Days challenge with my local gym on May 25! Yikes! I’ll be updating you on all my social medias!

April 1 – April 30

For this month I will be working on building up my leg strength and over all endurance in preparation  for my birthday hike at the end of May. I’m going on a 3 day backpacking/camping trip so everything I will use to eat, sleep etc will be on my back and it’s going to weight around 25 lbs. Gotta practice for that!

To help achieve this, I’m doing the basic TRX program that comes with the TRX when you buy it. Only a week or so in and I’m loving it already! Plus lots of practice hikes with weighted backpacks and leg routines. Grow, muscle, grow!

*Update – TRX…so challenging! For these 4 weeks the workouts only ended up being a total of 20-25 each, but I grew muscles in places I’d never grown muscle before! If you are looking to work on stabilizing muscles, TRX is the way to go. I saw the company came out with a way to incorporate yoga into and I’m going to try some of those workouts on my days off from my current routine.

February 29-March 29

We will be doing Betty Rocker’s 30 Day Bodyweight email challenge & Do You Yoga yoga challenges.

Betty Rocker’s challenge is only 15 minutes a day, with each workout emailed daily for 30 days. Do You Yoga has several free video series that are less that 10 mins a day. Add in going to an actual gym once on the weekend and probably a trail run each week, now that the weather is nice, and that will be what we are focusing on for most of the month of March!

*Update – Loved this routine! There were lots of different routines and it really did prove to me that a lot can be accomplished in just 15 minutes a day!*

February 1-February 28

For the first two weeks of February we will be putting together and testing out a kettlebell workout plan for you guys! That and going to the gym on the weekends 🙂

From Feb15-Feb28 we will be doing the 14 Day Kettlebell Strength Challenge. This is going to be an awesome but challenging way to spend the next two weeks!

January 24-January30

We will be doing Chloe Karoub’s 7 Day Booty Lift program. View the post here.

**Update: This program, though only 7 days, was a great way to see that you can get results with these moves. I think if anyone did this plan for several months, they would definitely see an improvement in the muscle in their legs and glutes. **

January 18-January 23, 2016

We will be doing 6 days of 12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts. See the post here! Results to follow!

**Updates: Had to modify some of the workouts, but they were still great. As I mentioned before, I am not a plan of the all HIIT lifestyle because I don’t see it as an effective option long term – too much pressure on the joints and not enough focus on form – but these plans are great to add into any workout routine and you will find some of the best plans at 12 Minute Athlete. Krista is a freaking rockstar.

January 11-January 16, 2016

We will be doing 6 days worth of Walking Workout videos from JessicaSmithTV’s YouTube videos. Each video will be 30-40mins long, with a 10 min video on Saturday. Check out our post for more info on what specific videos we did!

**Update: I really enjoyed these workouts! I was amazing at how much work they really were and how fun! Plus I think I got better at choreographed moves after these things!**

January 4-January 8, 2016 

We will be doing the 5 Day Fitness Blender challenge! We are looking forward to seeing how we feel after doing their 50min daily workouts 5 days in a row! Whew! I’m sure we will be tired!! Check out our post about this challenge here!

**Update: Wow…..we have never done 5 of their videos in a week, especially not 50 min long videos! This was a killer workout routine – and it was only 5 days! We can only imagine the results someone would get if they were doing Fitness Blender workouts for months at a time. It would be a complete transformation. Really enjoyed the slower pace of the videos and the addition of the pilates and yoga exercises!**

November 23-December23, 2015

We will be doing the 5 Week #LGFitmas Challenge with Lauren Gleisberg for these couple weeks. You can view the post we did about it here and join us on Instagram @thenoblebigsister to see how it’s going!

**Update: It was so much fun! The LG community is amazing and we are happy to be a part of it. Plus Lauren is just the best!**

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