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I Weighed Myself for a Month – Here’s What I Discovered

By now you know I’m not a person who believes in the scale, but it controls the minds of many of my clients. So much so that some of them will disregard their body’s DRASTIC PHYSICAL CHANGES because the scale isn’t dropping.

And when you’re new to weight training and don’t understand that more muscle and strength in your body is the best thing ever, it’s hard to understand.

I decided t0 show you how much our bodies, as women, fluctuate on a daily basis. Overall, if you are in weight loss mode, yes you should expect fat loss and for the scale to drop over the course of months. But checking the scale every single day or multiple times a day tells us nothing and only makes us crazy. I learned long ago to not let the scale dictate my life and you will see from the results here why.

The Ground Rules for Weigh Ins

For all my weigh ins, I made sure there were certain things I did each day to keep the data more accurate:

  • all weigh ins were done before meals and after peeing, in the morning
  • similar clothing for each weigh in (for me, no pants! 😉 )
  • no days skipped or all previous data was void

About 8 days in, I missed a day and had to start all over! I wasn’t used to having to weigh myself so it was very hard. There were some days where I would go downstairs, start to take a sip of my morning glass of water and remember about weighing in…then have to walk all the way back up stairs and weigh.

How I Tracked My Weigh Ins

To track all this I used an app called Happy Scale so I could easily track my data. It has a bunch of cool features, most of which I never used because I only needed it to store my numbers. I liked it because it had a graph and gave you averages over a number of days (that kinda helps keep it more positive).

For the first two weeks I did have a running logbook where I noted how I was feeling that morning, but I eventually gave that up because I didn’t feel like doing it anymore. I have a sensitive stomach so when food affects me, it always feels like I weigh more, when it actuality, I don’t (and you don’t either, probably).

The Results

Here are the results from weighing myself for 30 days:

30 days of weigh ins, scale, weight, fat loss, weight loss, the noble big sister, how the scale lies, why not to trust the scale

How I Felt During the Experiment

I was constantly surprised just how much our bodyweight can change on a daily basis. I mean, look at Day 10 – I apparently gained 4 lbs overnight! (must have been the day after pizza night!)

This wasn’t exactly a super exciting experiment but I felt it needed to be done for you guys because the scale is a big deal to many of you…but I don’t want it to be. Even though I knew that my mind was strong enough to take this daily weigh in pressure, I know that so many of you are not at that place yet, but you still continue to do daily weigh ins like your entire existence depends on it.

But I want you to understand that you are so much stronger and better than the scale says.

I care so little about how much I weigh that towards the end I started to get very annoyed haha! I was TIRED of weighing in so much! I was happy when this was finally over because that scale was staring me in the face every day and I wanted to punch it for being so worthless.

Final Thoughts

I would love to say I had some great epiphany or that my emotions were taxed during this experiment, but none of that happened. I feel the same about the scale as I did in the beginning – it does not hold me hostage and I won’t allow it to.

It’s great to finally have some hard data about this topic because I’m always explaining it and this makes it more real.

When it comes to weight loss and the scale, it’s much better to take a weekly average than to rely on one day’s scale results. as you can see from the above, you never know what the heck will show up. But this is why I prefer taping the body with a measuring tape – it will show fat loss.

There is a big difference between fat loss and weight loss. Weight loss could just be water, but if your body is losing fat, it will be physically changing and the taping will show that. That’s what we want.

Remember: fat loss > weight loss.

You can do your own scale experiment using my above method. If you do, let me know! And if I’ve convinced you that the scale is complete BS and shouldn’t be a regular thing in our lives, let me know in the comments!

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