KBH14, KETTLE bells day 14, workout, kettlebells, turkish getups

Day 14 #KettlebellStrength Challenge

Welcome to the last day of the challenge! Let’s celebrate by completing a super hard workout lol.

kettlebell day 14, kettlebells, turkish get ups, kettlebell shelves, workout


I made sure this last day was a doozie 🙂 Kettlebell Shelves & Turkish Getups – two very hard exercises that require lots of technique and focus. The first time I did the get ups I was…well, for one I was bad at them, but I also was exhausted by rep 5.

They are intense.

The kettlebell shelf is tough, but it is one of the most fun exercises. Imagine you are taking something from the floor and putting it  on an upper shelf. That is the exact movement!

This challenge ends on a Sunday, just in time for you to start a new challenge or routine come Monday! It’s perfect timing and I’ll be posting some ideas as to some free routines out there that you can do to maintain or gain your ideal strength and body. I hope this routine was fun and challenging – all of my challenges should and will be this way 😉

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