KBH13, KETTLE bells day 14, workout, kettlebells, turkish getups

Day 13 #KettlebellStrength Challenge

Today’s workout is a particular favorite of mine – we all need to do our squats!

kettlebell day 14, kettlebells, turkish get ups, kettlebell shelves, workout

It’s Day 13 of the kettlebell challenge so you really need to push these last two days! I know by today you have seen changes in your body and how much stronger you have become, especially on the 4th & 5th rounds of each day.

It can get tough. But you can always be tougher. 🙂

The best thing about doing any fitness challenge is how you feel each day and the confidence you gain from trying something new. I hope you have felt that way during this challenge!

In my future challenges I hope to add a little more technical info to each one of the moves for you – so you know more of what you should be focusing on. Kettlebells are all about body hardening and using your abs and breathing to propel you through each move, and I’m looking forward to teaching you all about it as well as learning more!

Healthy Workout Tip

I think we all struggle with the ‘comparison’ bug, but lets forget about that for today. When you are doing these workouts, you focus on you. It is not only unhealthy to compare yourself to someone else (though we all do it from time to time), but it distracts you from your real goal – self betterment.

You aren’t doing these workouts each day just so you can be better than someone else – you are trying to be a better you. Stronger. More powerful. More aware of what you are capable of.

If you are in the gym doing these workouts, stay focused. There are a ton of other chicks doing their thing – you need to be doing yours. Umm….plus most people will think you look like a bada$$ over there in the corner throwing these kettlebells around. lol It’s true!!

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