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Day 1 – 5 Minute Beginner Low Impact Leg & Shoulder Workout

Alright!! The first day of our 15 Day 5 Minute Movement Challenge is here! Each of the videos are only 5 minutes and are designed for complete beginners and those who need low impact workouts that are easy on the knees!

Today’s workout is a Leg & Shoulder workout. You can follow along with the YouTube video posted below (be sure you subscribe to my channel to keep up on all the videos!) or you can complete it without the video, since I’m writing it below.

Set your interval timer to 10 exercises, 30 seconds for each exercise and 2 seconds rest in between each.

The exercises:

Side to Side Walk

Side to Side Walk w/Lateral Arm Raise

Side to Side Walk w/Shoulder Squeeze

Front Lateral Raise

Side Lateral Raise

90° Leg Lift (R)

90° Leg Lift (L)

Rear Leg Lift (R)

Rear Leg Lift (L)

Overhead Press

You should be a little out of breath after this workout and if you can’t fully raise your leg in each or arms in each movement, that’s ok! It’s supposed to challenge you and be a starting point for progress!

Here is the video if you want to just follow along with me! 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know how it went and what you liked!

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