Hi, I’m Vera, The Noble Big Sister and I’m super excited you’re here!

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If you’ve ended up here its probably because you are looking for a fitness philosophy that leaves you strong and happy – and that you can maintain for a lifetime (not just 30 days). You’re looking for that balance in life that can only come from having a body you’re proud to stare at in the mirror AND the ability to enjoy your favorite foods. You want your workouts to make you feel empowered, like you can take on the world, even when life comes at you like a tornado.

But how is this even possible?

Let me help you.

I’m personal trainer, yoga teacher and former Marine. I’m currently back in school to become a doctor of physical therapy (oh the joys!). I have years of experience including endurance, strength and fat loss training. I focus on low impact, high intensity workouts that leave my clients strong in their bodies and #strongforlife. My nutritional guidance focuses on helping you figure out how to eat for the goals you want, but also allowing you to still eat foods you truly enjoy.

And I live what I teach.

I lift weights to get stronger, relax and relieve stress by walking daily and practicing yoga. And I eat pizza every Friday. Because I love pizza. Simple as that.

Over the years I’ve come to an understanding with my body: I treat it with kindness, it lets me look at it in the mirror and be happy.

A lot of this comes from recognizing this is the only body I get and I need it to last me 80+ years. That means treating my joints (hello achy knees!) and my back with care during all movements. Being Strong for Life means developing a lifestyle that can be maintained from now until forever. That is why I’m such an advocate of low impact exercise. Everyone can do it.

Personally I have struggled with body image, food obsession, belly bloat and acne. These are all things I tackled for years and overcame (for the most part…sadly, there is no cure for hormonal acne) through the simple processes I share with my clients and readers. Strength training and eating the right foods for my body has been a huge part of that.

My experiences have allowed me to help countless women who also struggle with these same issues. It is my greatest joy.

We have more confidence and get more out of life when we have a strong, attractive body and a mind that is free of food guilt. All the brainpower and time we waste on the worry is best used in other areas of our life.

Feeling and looking confident can be achieved without tons of high impact jumping workouts and restrictive meal plans. There is a real, satisfying life out there for you. Full of pizza (if that’s your thing 😉 ). Let me help you discover it.

Though it may seem that fitness and nutrition are my only activities in life, those are just ways I crush my own personal goals. Outside of coaching clients, I like to go hiking with my husband and our German Shepherd, Rogue. (He’s named after the WoW class, btw, if you happen to know what that is.) I also enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, binge watching Netflix and playing video games.

You know, the normal stuff.

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Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom…you’re the best!

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