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Day 1 of The 14 Day Kettlebell Workout Challenge

Hello everyone!

So I know I bring you great workouts from a lot of awesome people, but this challenge is all my own. I have always really liked kettlebells, but through creating this workout, I have fallen in love with them!

I feel so powerful after each workout and ready to take on anything! Plus – I have seen great results in such a short amount of time – and I know you will too! šŸ™‚

What I am going to do is post each workout daily, so you are able to come to it and follow along in real time with me. It is going to be lots of fun and a good challenge for us all. I have been doing all of the routines these past few weeks and I am looking forward to continuing my progress in the next two weeks.

These workouts will challenge you but they will also make you so strong! Have fun!

kettlebell day 1, kettlebells, turkish get ups, kettlebell shelves, workout

Here are all the links to the rest of the challenge days so you can bookmark this page and just come back to this!

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Need details on how to choose your kettlebell weights? Check out our detailed article about it.

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